100 Layer Cake

Hi Friends!

I’m so excited to share with you my floral debut on the 100 Layer Cake blog today.  Remember that gorgeous wedding collaboration I did last month with Tory Williams and Brita Olsen?  Well, 100 Layer Cake liked it enough to blog about it.  Check out the feature here!




Katherine Sandoz 60% off

Happy Friday, friends!  It’s been awhile, but it’s well worth the wait – I assure you.  One of my favorite artists, Katherine Sandoz, is having the most ridiculously amazing sale on her works on paper collection starting today through June 30th.  Save 60% on all of her works on paper when you enter JUNEBUG during checkout on her site.

The collection features her work between 2006 and present.  Many pieces are fully rendered, full color paintings and illustrations as well as looser, mixed media works.  There are also illustrations from two full books;  one set in New York City and one set in the south of France.  From series illustrations, editorial clients, pieces developed for this blog and personal works, you may find your own face among the 181 pieces.  Take a look at her site right here, and don’t forget that the sale ends on 6/30 at midnight so don’t miss out!

Some of my current favorites from the collection below:



Snow & Graham and Subscriptions!

Happy almost weekend, party people.  This is a VERY long overdue post to let you all know that the fabulous Snow & Graham is now available on the Stationery Shop! Check out some of the selections we are currently carrying below:

Ummmm… and did you get a look at what May subscriptions looked like?  Get on the train and get yourself or a loved one a subscription of stationery!


Make No Little Plans

To borrow one of my favorite quotes from famed architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham.  Amen, brother.  Ironic I’m using an urban planning quote seeing as I detoured from the profession when I set out to pursue two of my passions – floral design and stationery.    So like Burnham with the Chicago Plan, I made some big plans of my own roughly a year ago to launch myself into both of these hobbies and turn them into my day-to-day business.  While I must admit that I’m still working out a whole lot of kinks and balancing a career with such an uncertain future, I have honestly never felt so happy and fulfilled professionally.  I can’t totally put my finger on why it makes me feel so good since I’m still so “in it,” but I think it’s a combination of the following:

1. Learning every day! There is something new and challenging every day to work out, and this keeps me energized and stretches me.

2. Feeling creative and creating.  I’ve realized it’s important for me to see results, and for those results to be good.  I am someone who loves nature and beautiful craft, and being able to create and work with these products brings a lot of joy to my life.

3. Freedom.  Ok, so some of us are not great at working for other people.  We are great employees, but the energy drain having to be at someone else’s whim and take orders is not our thing. Working for yourself is liberating if you are like “some of us.”

4.  Efficiency.  Without being interrupted for meetings or work drama/personal chats, I am a producing machine.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being social and working with others but I hate wasting time.  I would rather work my bum off when there is work to be done, and spend the rest of my time doing other things than half working 40 hours a week. I love working hard and being focused.

5. Driving my own success.  This means dreaming up a new project, and doing it.  No politics, no drama, and no egos involved. Period.

6. Healthy stress.  There is a certain amount of healthy stress that comes from not knowing what the future holds.  To borrow another urban planning favorite, Kevin Lynch in “The Image of the City” talks about the urban sociology of how people experience and navigate cities.  One of his major themes is creating notable landmarks that help orient people, while providing places in the city for people to get lost – like winding back roads.  Oriented chaos, if you will. There is a balance between knowing where you are and stumbling upon something new that creates the psychic “sweet spot” where things feel exciting but not life-threatening.  Same with having your own business!  Getting lost and stumbling on something new is part of what makes it engaging.

All this being said, thank you all for your support and for following me!  I realize I’m often shifting gears between flowers, stationery, and general inspirations.  I’m still figuring it all out, and finding meaning in what I do so thank you thank you thank you.  Anyone else have any big plans of their own?  I would love to hear!


Wedding Concept: Upbeat Brights!

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend. One last concept to share with all ya’ll from my favorite collab. yet with Tory Williams Photography and Brita Olsen Creative.  I’m getting my freelance flowers on these days, so if you know anyone in New England or the New York area looking for some gorgeous flowers for a wedding or event, shoot them my way (rachelmercierflowers@gmail.com)!

The last concept is a more casual/picnic vibe and is envisioned by Brita for either a wedding or a birthday party!  LOVING the bright colors making their way into the summer season, so we fully embraced bright pinks, oranges, reds and yellows.  Perfect styling and photography thanks to the Miss’ tag team. Fleurs by yours truly.  For this arrangement, I used a low container perfect for a buffet setup or kids table.  Peonies, parrot tulips, golden rod, roses, anenomes, oh my!  Whose mouth is watering for a lobster roll?!!!

Styling by Brita Olsen, Photography by Tory Williams, Flowers by Rachel Mercier

Hi Frida!

Wedding Concept: Spring Elegance

Happy Friday, and super excited to share the second concept from my wedding collaboration last week with Brita Olsen and Tory Williams!

The second concept Brita designed and styled is called Spring Elegance.  A more traditional and pretty wedding feel, perfect for a daytime wedding, or a more romantic garden wedding.  I imagine lots of twinkly lights in the trees around these beautiful tables.

I was inspired to use blushy ballet pinks and creams, accented with dusty greens for the flowers.  The gorgeous milk glass pedestal, crystal tableware, and antique Queensware Wedgewood plates (my most recent Brimfield purchase) make this table sophisticated, with a vintage touch! LOVING the individual pots of fleurs designed in mini teacups at each setting – thanks to Tory!  Take a peek at Tory’s gorgeous photos below.

Styling by Brita Olsen, Photography by Tory Williams, Flowers by Rachel Mercier

More more concept coming on Monday!  Have a great weekend, everyone!