Hi friends!  Lots of catch you up on – namely that I’ve been dabbling in flower work.  As you probably know from my blog, flowers are one of my true loves.  From my childhood picking wildflowers, to asking my parents to tell me the names of every plant species in their respective yards, to obsessing over blooms and bulbs as a bride, I have never been able to get enough.

I’ve taken my passion on the road, and enrolled in a 4-series course at the New York Botanical Gardens.  The class just finished up yesterday – wahhh!  I learned a variety of styles from Cascade to English Garden to Victorian and more.  And the best part is that I had the chance to put my sweet new skills to work on an ad campaign for wedding dresses this past Tuesday at the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City.  Check out my progress below:

Practicing Cascade and Victorian styles at the NYBG

Gorgeous Foxgloves from the NYBG – nature made these

Putting my new skills to work on a bridal ad campaign shoot

Finished products!

I love my flowers like I love my stationery.  I could spend hours playing around with them, dreaming up new combinations, and perusing others’ work.  I hope to keep playing!


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