Wednesday Sniffles

Hi friends!

Coming at you from my couch with a ferocious cold this week.  Between being couch ridden for three days, and this rainy weather, my spirits could use some boosting.  This week I had to cut out some of my favorite things including yoga, my flower class at the New York Botanical Garden, dinners with friends, and meetings in order to get healthy and not infect others.  Uggg… the worst.

I also received some sad news that today – my online shop and product was going to be featured in one of my favorite magazines, but it looks like it will no longer make it in this month.  ahhh the highs and lows of being a business owner and being super passionate about what I do.  Sometimes it just stings when you KNOW there are tons of people out there who need to KNOW about your product, and you reaching them depends on so many factors outside your control.  Oh well…. trying to stay breezy about it all. Being sick just makes the whole thing feel a lot worse.

But alas, we take the good with the bad.  And remember that these highs and lows come in cycles (like real estate… hah).  Silver lining: I’m going to see Newsies on Broadway tonight (maybe Christian Bale will make an appearance?) with my main squeeze and have a delicious dinner at Maialino planned for Friday night thanks to an amazing wedding gift from friends.  Looks like things are already looking up…..


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