Flower Dogs

AP and I happen to be head over heels in love with our five and half year-old Havanese, Frida.  And I imagine like most engaged couples, contemplated the ins and outs of incorporating Frida into our wedding celebration.  After all, she is our first born………  Too far?

Wedding photographer extraordinaire Tory Williams and I started dreaming up some creative wedding DIY and inspirations last week, and due to an overwhelming response to some “Flower Dog” photos she posted from a recent wedding, along with my own overwhelming adoration for Frida, we thought a fun DIY Flower Dog tutorial was in order.  It’s easier and probably way more fun than you think!

Here’s what you need to get started

A willing canine participant. They might be a little ambivalent at first.

{1.} Wire cutters {2.} Scissors {3.} Floral tape {4.} Thin floral wire {5.} Ribbon

Hearty flowers. We chose ruffly carnations in four colors.

Now you’re ready to get started on your very own canine creation.  We are going to show you two different styles.  Given the size of your dog, you will want to use more/less flowers or larger/smaller buds.  Both styles work for all sized dogs.

Style 1: Doggy Corsage

{Step One} Choose two or three flowers and cross them as pictured. For a bulkier corsage, use three flowers. For a thinner corsage, use two flowers.

{Step Two} Take your floral wire, and wrap the wire securely around the bunch at the very top of the stem. Wrap the wire three or four times around until all the flowers are secure.

{Step Three} Leave about six inches of wire hanging down from the wraped bunch, and clip the wire with your wire cutters.

{Step Four} Take your floral tape (it's not sticky, so don't be alarmed), and wrap it around the bunch three or four times to cover the wire. This will prevent the wires from sticking out and sticking into your doggy friend. Cut the tape when you are finished and smooth it against the bunch.

{Step Five} Trim the stems to match up with the bottom of the tape. Leave the wire longer.

{Step Six} Take your ribbon, and wrap the wire around the ribbon to attach the corsage. You can make multiple bundles to attach to your ribbon too. We used three bundles of two flowers for Frida.

{Step Seven} Take your corsage now attached to the ribbon, and place your beautiful creation on your doggy. The flowers off to one side behind the ear looks great. You may have to play around a bit to get the flowers to fall how you like them.

You can double knot the bow, and use extra ribbon as the dog's leash! Or you can attach a collar above the corsage and use a regular leash.

Style 2: Doggy Lei (aka Aloha Babe)

{Step One} Take your flower, and trim the stems off the bottom. Make sure you trim at the very top of the stem. If you trim above the stem, the flower petals will fall out of the flower so be careful. {Step Two} Thread the flowers through a long piece of floral wire.

Make sure the wire goes through the middle of the flowers' green base.

{Step Three} When you have enough flowers to go around your dog's neck, cut the wire leaving plenty of extra wire on both ends. {Step Four} Bend the wire into a wreath shape.

{Step Five} Put the flower wreath around your dog's neck. It can be loose and will keep it's shape since you used the wire. Add or remove flowers to adjust the right length. {Step Six} When you have the right length, twist the wire ends together, cutting excess wire from the ends.

{Step Seven} You can leave the flower wreath as is, making sure wires are trimmed and tucked so they won't poke your dog. Or you can use a ribbon, and thread the wire through a pre-made bow and attach it to the wreath. The ribbon can hang under the dog's chin or off to the side! Use a ribbon that matches your wedding or bridesmaids bouquets for an extra touch!

Voila! Your very own Aloha flower babe. Attach a collar above the wreath, tie ribbon on the wire, or clip a leash onto the wire to secure your canine friend.

All photos by Tory Williams Photography


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