Summer Swoon

Happy Friday, dudettes and dudes!

We are headed to Boston this weekend for the buffet of religious holidays and to collect our fur baby, Frida.  She has been at grandma and grandpa’s (aka camp complete with doggy sidekick, lots of space to run around, and nobody trying to brush her hair) for over a month and we are absolutely DYING without her.  My mom keeps sending me videos of her to keep us in the loop of all of Frida’s happenings which is very helpful, but we are aching for our canine companion.  Frida will be making her modeling debut early next week on Mercier Beaucoup with a special collaboration with Tory Williams.  Stay tuned!

Spring has been in the air for quite some time now, and NYC is bursting with spring and summer fashion.  This is when I shine in the fashion department – anything I can wear with sandals is my favorite.  I’m especially loving shades of muted lime and peach, preppy stripes and dots, and feminine florals for the warm season.  Here are some of my favorites – check out my entire wishlist on Pinterest!

Lacy Waves Top from Madewell

Bamboula Beach Bag from Madewell

Stevie Ankle Jean from AG

V-Neck Ruffle Dress from Rebecca Taylor

Shopper from Cynthia Vincent

Blouse by Lauren Moffat


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