Love is in the air

Hi everyone!

Just got back from an extra long weekend out in California.  ‘Twas tres relaxing and just what the doctor ordered for the uninspired and Vitamin D deficient… moi!

I hit the ground running yesterday, picking out new stationery selections for the spring with Kimberley of Crow & Canary, and shooting all my Valentine’s Day goods with Tory Williams.  We had fun playing with cards and candy.  Love those ladies! I’m excited about the new cards, as well as the Sea Salted Caramels I’m selling by the box!  Made by my sister Kelsey who is a baker extraordinaire – these salty and sweet morsels are the perfect gift for a special someone. We only made a limited amount so get yours quick before they’re gone!

New Homepage

Box of Sea Salted Caramels – $7.50

Valentine’s Day Subscription Gift Cards – 3, 6, or 12 Months ($41-$140)



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