Vitamin D, please!

Full disclosure, I don’t find winter particularly inspiring.  In fact, much like most animals, I too prefer to hibernate during the colder months.  I have learned that my peak hibernation season is typically end of December to end of January, until the days begin to get a bit longer.  It’s not so much the cold, as it is the sunlight.  And after getting confirmation from my doctor a few weeks back about the severe impact it is having on my body (EXTREMELY low Vitamin D levels, I’m told), I realized that I just need some sunlight.  I mean…. duh!

So we’re off to California next week for a five day mini-vacay to visit my family!  Just praying that it doesn’t coincide with the two weeks every year where mother nature decides to mercilessly rain on sweet California.  Hoping to get our fill out Mexican Food, family hugs, hot springs fun, maybe the beach?, farmer’s marketing, bbq, star gazing, and YES, VITAMIN D!  Ahhhh… I feel warm and fuzzy all over just thinking about it.

And of course, a girl needs a new accessory to get her in the mini-vacay mood – these scarves from Lem Lem totally match perfectly with the California mood I’m in.  Happy Tuesday!

Alula Split Scarf by Lem Lem

Dolo Scarf by Lem Lem

Anna Twill Scarf by Lem Lem

Waletta Scarf by Lem Lem



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