Hello, 2012!

Hi Friends,

Remember me? I hope so! Apologies for the brief hiatus.  We had a lovely 10 days at home for the holidays and Daily Candy brought tons of new subscribers and orders that kept me plenty busy straight through the New Year.  80 new Stationery Subscribers for January!  Mercier Beaucoup is growing fast and furious and it’s mostly exciting, mildly terrifying, and sometimes overwhelming.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m getting married in two months? Hehe…. all seems to be under control for the time being, thanks to lots of help from family and friends and an excellent partnership with my husband-to-be.

Thought I would share with you some things I am loving right now to kick off 2012!

Kate Spade Borough Coasters – a holiday gift from my sis!

The Shala Yoga Studio – where I’m currently practicing gratitude and peace

Frida’s new dog sweater appropriate for a January without snow!

Listening to AP chuckle as he reads Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes

The amazing collection of holiday cards I refuse to take down, including this adorable gem from Fig. 2 Design

My new Bravo obsession – “It’s a Brad Brad World.”  So earnest….. (PS – do you think Time Warner has a BRAVO and ESPN only cable package?  I think those are the only two channels AP and I watch.  Could save a whole lotta money.)

Noodle-y soup – all shapes and sizes – can’t get enough.  Especially the Miso Ramen from Momofuku Noodle Bar

Our amaryllis continues to grow and bloom! Look what we came home to!

Geode necklaces by the fabulous Brita Olsen

My very own Aztec Nails painting by Zebber, herself! Get your press-ons here!

Dreaming about our honeymoon to Costa Rica!

Feels good to be back!  Happy 2012 everyone, and lots more to come soon!



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