Love is in the air

Hi everyone!

Just got back from an extra long weekend out in California.  ‘Twas tres relaxing and just what the doctor ordered for the uninspired and Vitamin D deficient… moi!

I hit the ground running yesterday, picking out new stationery selections for the spring with Kimberley of Crow & Canary, and shooting all my Valentine’s Day goods with Tory Williams.  We had fun playing with cards and candy.  Love those ladies! I’m excited about the new cards, as well as the Sea Salted Caramels I’m selling by the box!  Made by my sister Kelsey who is a baker extraordinaire – these salty and sweet morsels are the perfect gift for a special someone. We only made a limited amount so get yours quick before they’re gone!

New Homepage

Box of Sea Salted Caramels – $7.50

Valentine’s Day Subscription Gift Cards – 3, 6, or 12 Months ($41-$140)



Sweet Petite Tie

I am really in love with this necklace I spotted at BHLDN a few months ago.  I keep coming back to it and looking at it because I think it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.

Petite Tie Necklace by Ginette NY available at BHLDN


Be Mine?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’m giddy with excitement curating a selection of cards for jour d’amour.  This little guy was so popular during the holidays that I just bought a bunch for the shop in the Valentine’s version! Also, some gifting options this year.  Salted caramels and beautiful jewelry just to name a few.  We are making shopping very easy for your loved one’s this year.


Coming soon……

Oh Wow

I yoinked this from my sister’s blog, Cultural Collective.  I love it.  LOVE LOVE it.

An art installation by artist Julia Chang made entirely out of Ring Pops.  See those lines that look like strings?  That is actually from the melting candy.  As the lights hit the Ring Pops, they melt and create the lines.  AMAZING.  Do you think AP would let me do that in our apt?

Vitamin D, please!

Full disclosure, I don’t find winter particularly inspiring.  In fact, much like most animals, I too prefer to hibernate during the colder months.  I have learned that my peak hibernation season is typically end of December to end of January, until the days begin to get a bit longer.  It’s not so much the cold, as it is the sunlight.  And after getting confirmation from my doctor a few weeks back about the severe impact it is having on my body (EXTREMELY low Vitamin D levels, I’m told), I realized that I just need some sunlight.  I mean…. duh!

So we’re off to California next week for a five day mini-vacay to visit my family!  Just praying that it doesn’t coincide with the two weeks every year where mother nature decides to mercilessly rain on sweet California.  Hoping to get our fill out Mexican Food, family hugs, hot springs fun, maybe the beach?, farmer’s marketing, bbq, star gazing, and YES, VITAMIN D!  Ahhhh… I feel warm and fuzzy all over just thinking about it.

And of course, a girl needs a new accessory to get her in the mini-vacay mood – these scarves from Lem Lem totally match perfectly with the California mood I’m in.  Happy Tuesday!

Alula Split Scarf by Lem Lem

Dolo Scarf by Lem Lem

Anna Twill Scarf by Lem Lem

Waletta Scarf by Lem Lem


Hello, 2012!

Hi Friends,

Remember me? I hope so! Apologies for the brief hiatus.  We had a lovely 10 days at home for the holidays and Daily Candy brought tons of new subscribers and orders that kept me plenty busy straight through the New Year.  80 new Stationery Subscribers for January!  Mercier Beaucoup is growing fast and furious and it’s mostly exciting, mildly terrifying, and sometimes overwhelming.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m getting married in two months? Hehe…. all seems to be under control for the time being, thanks to lots of help from family and friends and an excellent partnership with my husband-to-be.

Thought I would share with you some things I am loving right now to kick off 2012!

Kate Spade Borough Coasters – a holiday gift from my sis!

The Shala Yoga Studio – where I’m currently practicing gratitude and peace

Frida’s new dog sweater appropriate for a January without snow!

Listening to AP chuckle as he reads Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes

The amazing collection of holiday cards I refuse to take down, including this adorable gem from Fig. 2 Design

My new Bravo obsession – “It’s a Brad Brad World.”  So earnest….. (PS – do you think Time Warner has a BRAVO and ESPN only cable package?  I think those are the only two channels AP and I watch.  Could save a whole lotta money.)

Noodle-y soup – all shapes and sizes – can’t get enough.  Especially the Miso Ramen from Momofuku Noodle Bar

Our amaryllis continues to grow and bloom! Look what we came home to!

Geode necklaces by the fabulous Brita Olsen

My very own Aztec Nails painting by Zebber, herself! Get your press-ons here!

Dreaming about our honeymoon to Costa Rica!

Feels good to be back!  Happy 2012 everyone, and lots more to come soon!