Holiday Gifting: Days 6, 7, and 8

So I’m a wee bit behind.  Like the days of the advent calendar, isn’t it sweeter (pun intended) to open up three doors and get three chocolates on some days?!! I think so.

Naturally, the perfect holiday gift for that trendy, artsy, fashionista in your life are my sister’s Aztec Nails that are taking the design world by storm.

Set of 24 false Aztec Nails by Zebber Collective on Etsy – $58

Nothing says holiday cheer like a bejeweled headband.  So appropriate for ringing in the New Year and adding some sparkle to the cold winter months!

Happy Jeweled Headband by – $55


Finally!  And this amazingness is brought to you by my sister Kelsey.  Who doesn’t love the movie Elf?! I mean, as far as I’m concerned the holidays don’t even begin without a solid viewing of this flick (same goes for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).  So give the gift of Elf this holiday season with this t-shirt and DVD combo.

Bye Bye Buddy Shirt (click the link to view)- $20

Elf DVD – $10


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