Holiday Gifting Bundle

Hi friends,

Feeling like you may have missed the boat with holiday cards this season?  Or perhaps the thought of sending more than a handful of cards is just a tad overwhelming? Good news! Holiday cards are winding down around Mercier Beaucoup and I’m here to offer you one heck of a deal.

Announcing the Holiday Gifting Bundle for just $25.00! You get:

* 4 sets of vintage stamps (that’s stamps for 4 pieces of mail)

* An assortment of 4 holiday cards

* 10 Rifle Paper Co. gift tags.

Mmmm hmmmmm. That’s a $37.00 value for just $25.oo.  These babies are gonna go quick so make sure you snap them up now!  You can also give them as a gift.  I’ll even wrap them up nice and send them directly to the recipient for you!

Here is a peak at the cards, vintage stamps and gift tags!




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