Mercier Beaucoup in Daily Candy

I feel like a proud parent watching my fledgeling stationery shop/business take flight today. Did you see this in your Daily Candy email this morning?  If not, here you go….


Holiday Gifting: Day 14

It’s not too late to give someone special the gift of letterpress, ya know?

Now introducing electronic gift cards from the Mercier Beacoup Shop! Worried your stationery subscription won’t arrive for the big day?  We’ll help you out! Purchase a 3, 6, or 12 Month Stationery Subscription, check the “Send electronic gift card via e-mail” option and you’re home free! Shop here for Stationery Subscriptions!

Holiday Gifting: Day 13

The holidays are upon us!! Just a week left to finish up all your holiday shopping and do I have the perfect gift for a special lady.  My gal pal Brita makes the most amazing jewelry.  Geode’s and beautiful gemstones on golden strands.  Whimsy, artistic,wild, classic, beachy, chic….. all my favorite words in one necklace.  Check out all her goods on her Etsy shop, Homemakker right here, and some of her beautiful gems below.


Sweet Geode Necklace – $84

Purple Geode Drop Necklace – $74


Holiday Gifting: Day 12

Ok, so this is just my personal fantasy.  I have been obsessed with the entire collection of bird lamps from the Conran Shop for the past few years.  I believe Santa may be giving me a homemade desk this year (Santa = my woodsmith step-dad), so this would look nice on top of it.  Don’t you think?  Oh yeah – I’m sure others would love it too!

Mini Voliere Table Lamp from the Conran Shop

Holiday Gifting: Day 11

A few days behind – I mean, it takes time to think of the best. gifts. ever. for loved ones.  So here’s a gem of an idea I had last night.  My mom and step-dad recently returned from Hawaii, and all they have talked about since returning is the “Great Mai Tai Taste Test” they did all around Maui.  This is not an official event or anything, merely an excuse to drink a delicious mai tai at every restaurant and talk about it’s pros and cons….. oh, and then try to recreate it at home.

So I thought – how about a Mai Tai gift set?  Ya know, something Hawaii inspired that gives the essence (and ingredients) of the ellusive mai tai? Genius! You could also do this with other choice cocktails, but here’s what I’m thinking for my Mai Tai gift:

1. Maui Gold 2-Pack of pineapples picked straight from the island


2. Orgeat(almond) syrup – this seems to be essential according to my mom


3. Cruzan Light Rum

4. Cruzan Dark Rum

5. Orange Curacao

6. Decorate with fresh limes!

7. Vintage Tiki glasses – like these I found on eBay

Or these for something more authentic (-ly touristy/cheesy but amazing)

Drink accessories like these Tiki stir sticks – a MUST


And you’ll definitely need umbrellas

And last but certainly not least, you must include the famous Mama’s Fish House Mai Tai recipe.  A legendary restaurant and bar (great, but not my personal fave) on the island of Maui.

Mama’s Fish House Mai Tai Recipe:


1 1/2 ounces light Rum
1 1/2 ounces pineapple juice
1 1/2 ounces lime juice
1 splash orgeat (almond flavored syrup)
1 splash simple syrup
2 splash orange curacao
2 splash grenadine or Pomegranate syrup.
2 ounces dark Rum float on top


1. Pour light rum on ice in glass

2. Add juices & orgeat sugar syrup & 1/2 of the curacao, grenadine

3. Float dark Rum and give it one quick stir

4. Add orange curacao & grenadine splashes

5. Garnish with a lime wheel, pineapple, umbrella, stir stick and tropical flower


See!  Wiki wiki! You’re sure to have a festive evening…….




Daily Candy


Looks like I will be in their last-minute gift guide on December 20th – so be on the lookout for Mercier Beaucoup Subscriptions in Daily Candy!  I have not a clue what DC will bring, so please please please…. if you are thinking of ordering a subscription for a loved one for the holidays, could you maybe try to order sooner rather than later?  Want to make sure everyone gets their holiday wish by the holidays this year 🙂




Scenes from last weekend

Had an awesome time up in Saratoga Springs with my mom – doing some wedding stuff, eating lots of yummy food, giggling nonstop, and general merriment.  Some photos from my trip up north:

Morning sun headed north along the Hudson on the train

We stayed at the historic Saratoga Arms hotel right downtown

Complete with historic wedding photos!

The trip was so fun, and as always, way too short.  Headed back down south to NYC as the sun started to go down.

Went straight to ladies’ night where there was wreath making and holiday cookie decorating.  Seriously crafty and delicious evening…

It’s wreath-y time!

12 Months Stationery Giveaway Winner

Drumroll please………..

The winner of the 12-Month Stationery Giveaway is ELLEN FLEMMING!!!!

Congrats, Ellen and thanks to everyone that participated.  I had loads of entries for the holiday giveaway and wish I could give one to everyone for gifting.  But then I wouldn’t be in business anymore… so Ellen is the winner!  Contact me, Ellen, to redeem your prize!


And for everyone else that participated, you can still get your favorite someone a Stationery Subscription for the holidays.  Oh, and I’ll even give you a bit of a discount since you were so generous to participate. 10% off all holiday subscriptions by entering the “SSHOLIDAY” promo code during checkout.



Stewart & Claire on Daily Candy

I just love it when my small business/entrepreneur friends are getting the press and acknowledgement they deserve.  Kristin and I met at the DIY Business Association Conference last spring and you’ve definitely seen me posting about her goods on Mercier Beaucoup before.

Today she was featured on Daily Candy and I nearly squeeled with excitement when I opened up my Daily Candy!!!!! Check out the full link here, and her yummy lip balms on Stewart & Claire here.  Congrats, Kristin!!!!!

By the way, best idea ever for stocking stuffers.  I’m about to go stock up myself!



Holiday Gifting: Day 10

Big ticket item alert!

Ok so I just got off the phone with my Dad who was singing the praises of his new electric bicycle. So much so that he peer pressured my step-mom into the purchase of a “hers” version. Apparently they are two peas in a pod scooting (and pedaling) around downtown San Luis Obispo in their matching Pedego electric bike cruisers.

Gotta admit, these bikes look pretty sweet and perfect for longer rides or pesky hills. My step-dad also has an electric bike. Hmmmm. So if you’re thinking of the perfect gift for your parents or spouse, this could be it! 3 out of 4 parents approved!!

Pedago “Classic Cruiser” electric bike