Midnight to 4AM

Happy Friday!

I am on the mend!  I’ve had a cold the last few days which has been miz miz miz.  I will spare you all the details, but I think it’s been so long since I had a REAL cold that I forgot what it fees like. Tea with honey, spicy chicken soup, sleep, and moisturizer on the upper lip are doing wonders.

FINALLY, I’m feeling a bit better but everything has drained into my nose and eyes.  So bad that last night I literally laid in bed from midnight until 4AM wide awake and unable to stop by eyes and nose from running. Now, there’s a point to this whole story.  I promise.

My mom always says that she would be just fine stranded on a deserted island.  She “claims” she would never be lonely because she has so many thoughts and ideas that she could keep herself perfectly entertained for hours, days, even weeks at a time.

Ok, so I never fully understood this until my Claritin D-included sleepless haze between midnight and approximately 3:57AM……..

Before the internet made us all completely ADD and antsy with too much idle time, there were complete thoughts. I’m not saying that thoughts today aren’t complete, just that they are just harder to start and finish in one sitting.  Last night, I had no distractions.  Just laying in bed wide awake with nothing to do but think. Let me tell you about how much I accomplished in these four hours in my head (keep in mind that I am in full-blown wedding planning mode and this probably seems a little off-the-rails-bride-crazytown to most):

1. I selected wedding invitations, including RSVP cards, rehearsal dinner cards, and return address stamps

2. I even figured out exactly how the wording will go on the invitations

3. I planned out the processional and who will be walking with whom down the aisle

4. I wrote my vows – yup – I may have even teared up a bit

5. I planned out all my holiday gifting

6. I decide which accessories to wear with my bridal gown (fur shrug, bedazzlements, shoes, etc)

7. I dreamed up the perfect Pecan Pie recipe for Thanksgiving

8. I sent some loving kindness action to friends in need – did you guys feel it around 3:13AM?

9. I selected December Stationery Subscription cards

10. I recounted AP and my entire history all the way back to 7th grade

11.  I contemplated the High Line rezoning and transfer of development rights (nerdy urban planning alert)

12. I also speculated about what Charlie Rose and Amanda Burden’s relationship must be like (I watched an interview of Amanda Burden on Charlie Rose about the High Line before bed)

13. I planned out at least three different options for wedding escort cards.  These options include things like Manzanita branches, gold spray paint, and mirrors… what??

14. I blew my nose probably 20 times

15. I got really super psyched about our Honeymoon to Costa Rica and imagined seeing spider monkeys, toucans, and all kinds of creepy crawlies

16. Back again to wedding – I thought about exactly how I want my flowers to look, including the types of vases

17. I thought of some cool Marameiko-inspired designs for Sarah’s nail art biz

18. I decided my next nail polish color and what I’m going to wear to Brita’s 30th birthday bash on Saturday

And I think that is enough to give you the idea. Ummm.. the mind is very productive when uninterrupted.  Not that I’m going to make being up for four hours in the middle of the night a regular thing or anything, but perhaps I will get back into the habit of meditating or even heading to a cafe without my computer just to think.  Can I take today off now?


3 thoughts on “Midnight to 4AM

  1. OMG I’m exhausted – I need a nap after reading that! Seriously, I know that feeling – thank god it doesn’t happen often! Hope you feel better soon. xoxo

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