The World Needs More Love Letters

Indeed.  My heart palpitated a bit when I came across this amazing initiative this morning via Daily Candy.

More Love Letters is a dose of making the world a better place, lifting spirits, paying it forward – all using the written note.

Here’s a brief summary:

One afternoon, Hannah decided to leave a random note for someone to find on NYC’s 4 train.  What started as one note, quickly grew into hundreds of notes left at cafes, libraries, on public transit, and other spaces around New York City to be found by total strangers. Hannah now has a whole team of love letter authors and wants you to help bring a smile to someone’s face or offer words of wisdom or encouragement.  What’s in it for you? Karma….. and an extra card each month with your Stationery Subscriptions.

There are multiple ways to get involved so click here to learn how.  And if you do get involved, I will give you an extra card in your subscription each month for you to either leave a random Love Letter for someone, or sign up to send Love Letters. Use LOVELETTERS in the promo code section during checkout!

Join the movement and share a piece of yourself with someone else. Especially as the holidays approach, there are plenty of people who need cheering up.




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