Ladies’ Night

Oh how I love thee.  The importance of female bonding cannot be underestimated.  I believe “Ladies’ Night” officially started back in Boston when we all graduated from college and were living there.  Now that everyone is living in New York, the tradition has carried on and grown.

Kind of great how I no longer distinguish certain friends as “Darcy’s friend Brita from high school” or “Leah’s friends Anna and Julia from college.”  Everyone is just friends…. the beauty of being 30. LOVE!

Things we learned from last night’s Ladies’ Night:

1. Must read Tina Fey’s “Bossy Pants”

2. Everyone has experienced that awkward emotional crying in the middle of a restaurant experience – and it’s no big deal

3. Hominy is corn, not pasta

4. Sundae’s and Cones is bad branding and a hard name to get straight (“Cow’s and Cones?? Sundaes and Dreams?”) On the plus side, you can get as many flavors you want in a pint!

5. Girls like to drink beer!

6. We always intend on crafting but can’t get through our “content” fast enough to move on to a project

7. Everyone loved my Thanksgiving dinner last year eventhough I thought it was a hot mess! Great! I may do it again, even…..

8. If someone CC’s you on an email, you are not obligated to respond

9. Perrier from the bottle really classes up any occasion

10. Being single and hitting da clubs has a different definition for everyone

11. Crying at work is totally acceptable, and in fact, crying in your cube actually maximizes efficiency.  No need to go to the bathroom….

12. Potluck makes hosting a breeze!

13. Having good friends makes the tough times (and the good times) a whole lot better.


Love you girls!


New vintage Pyrex from Brita and flowers from Leah


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