Have I told you all about what I did? I’ve been keeping this dirty little secret for awhile now, but it’s eating away at me and I need to confess.

I bought full-price demin.

Phew. Ok. I feel a little better. You see, I never buy full-priced demin.  I know my favoite brands, fits, and sizes and am great at scooping them up on Gilt or Nordstrom Rack when they come along.

However, one fine early summer day I just so HAPPENED to be walking past Anthropologie and they just so HAPPENED to be carrying J.Brand Lovestory flares in the most perfect color is PETITE! You see, I’m vertically challenged. And …. well…. I was actually in the mood to try on jeans (and there wasn’t a 15-person line for once), so I did it.  They were perfect, and I bought them.

They hung in my closet for a few weeks while I mulled it over, but eventually I bit the bullet, pulled off the tags, and put them on.  I felt empowered. A new flare style that I can ONLY wear with my tallest shoes (a good thing for someone like me who is often swayed by comfort over fashion).

I love them. I’ve been wearing them all the time.  I feel like my mom in the photos I’ve seen from her in the 70’s. I love that.

Forgive me, but I needed to share after Net-A-Porter sent me an email this morning suggesting I like the very same jeans. The guilt returned momentarily, but I’m over it now.

Good talk.


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