Winter Coat Rundown

Morning, everyone!

The fog has lifted and I woke up this morning with allergies all gone. WOW…. I feel like a normal person again.  Huh. I was so excited, that I woke up at 6:30 and did a complete scan of the winter coat situation.  Thought I would share some of my favorite picks for the season.

Winter coat shopping is a bit rough because (A) They are an investment and thus pricey, and (B) Depending on where you live, you have varying needs for warmth/functionality. For example, if you live in New York or Boston, you probably want something really warm, waterproof, and fashionable. Not always easy to find. It’s actually a bit dangerous to buy a winter coat too early in the season because often we forget just how much warmth or functionality we actually need until the winter really hits!

J.Crew Double-Cloth Townhouse Trench – personal fave!

J.Crew Houndstooth Toggle Coat – Hello Boston!





DVF Harrington Coat – Would work in NYC

Nanette Lepore Napa Valley Coat

Burberry Double-Breasted Skirted Coat

Tory Burch Beckett Coat – comes with removable fur collar

Betty Coat by Rachel Zoe

Wool and cashmere coat by Sonia Rykiel


Silk with fur by Michael Kors

Oversized shearling coat by Mason



3 thoughts on “Winter Coat Rundown

  1. adorable coat options! I just found a barely used bananna repulbic wool trench at Platos closet so I cannot wait to sport that! Where did you find such great pictures?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Very nice! Which Banana coat is it? I was actually going to write a little ditty about Banana saying how they have really gone down hill in the coat department. There was a season (I think 2003) when the head designer for Marc Jacobs worked at Banana and they put out some killer coats at amazing prices. I still have two from that season that I wear all the time and cost me $200 each.

  2. Definitely time for a winter coat – very appropriate post, babe! You be fashionable, I’m gonna rock the Triple Fat Goose like it’s 1994…

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