Urban Scarlet!

The gods are shining down on me lately.  I must be sending out good vibes into the universe or something because I’ve had some good luck.  Don’t want to talk too candidly yet so as not to jinx anything. I believe it’s called, “cautiously optimistic.”

Anywhoodles (shoutout my favorite Wisconsonite, Paul), I woke up this morning to such a lovely and beautiful post from Justine over at Urban Scarlet.  I was very honored to be featured on her blog, but mostly fell in love with her site, style, and pretty packing shop! Check out some of her faves from the Stationery Shop:

She sells all kind of amazing goods like our favorite, Divine Twine, and kraft paper galore, heart stickers, printed tapes, oh my! And one of my favorite things about Urban Scarlet is Justine donates 10% of every sale to a variety of charities.  Very cool.

Check out some of my favorites below and at Urban Scarlet’s Shop.

Heart Stickers

Cloth Bags (I’ve actually been SEARCHING for these)

Sharkskin Washi Tapes

Aqua Divine Twine


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