Wedding thoughts

Truth be told, I haven’t been writing enough on my blog lately.  The Stationery Shop has been growing slowly but surely and I’ve been giving a lot of my energy to figuring out the perfect packaging, shipping methods, and planning for holiday inventory! It’s so much fun – I can’t even believe I waited quite so long to make the jump.

I also haven’t been sharing too many of my own wedding thoughts lately either. Harumph! They are all swimming around in my head and slowly but surely I’ve been putting together an inspiration board with some ideas that I’ve shared below. I have been thinking a lot about the wedding planning however, and thought I might offer up some of my own realizations and hope that it serves as useful advice to those of you in the throes of wedding planning.

As you can probably tell from my blog, I absolutely adore weddings and wedding details.  I mean, I have a full on collection of old Martha Stewart Weddings magazines in my apartment. I’ve been asked by others about how I will ever choose my flowers or invitations (you know, the things I MOST love). It can be totally overwhelming with all the choices (and price ranges) out there, and trends that come and go. And as someone who loves these things and oogles them on a daily basis, how could I possibly identify myself (and AP and I as a couple) with one color palette or letterpress invitation??? (sidenote, AP would hands down pick Maize and Blue as his palette if he was choosing 🙂 Love you, Andy!).

What I’ve realized however is that being too precious about all these details can kind of ruin the experience of getting married for some. Sure, it’s a very special day, and sure you want it to reflect you as a couple. But in all honesty, you may pick Ball mason jars as vases and look back 10 years from now and think, “how hokey.” Or you may decide you want to use all orchids in tall cylinders and have your wedding in a loft space and look back and think, “how 2010.” It’s just bound to happen no matter what as trends come and go. I mean, how many of us have photos of our dad’s with long hair and mom’s with long lace sleeves and shoulder pads on their wedding day???

So my advice is don’t become too attached to all these details. Yes, they are fun and lovely but they will not ever trump the memories and experiences you have with family and friends and   on your wedding day. Choose the things you love, do some research, have fun with it, and then just let it go and enjoy this time!

Is there a perfect centerpiece, color scheme or letterpress invitation designer? I don’t think so. If you become too obsessed with these things, will you blow your budget, cause fights, and turn into a psychotic crazy person? Could happen!! Will you change your mind in a year about the wedding dress style you love? Quite possibly! So…. enjoy the moment and enjoy the process with eachother.  If your photos reflect a relaxed and happy couple, you will look back fondly and have no regrets (mason jars or not!). Are their growing pains? Yup. Is it stressful at times? Sure is! It’s a huge life transition and only natural to feel a little frazzed at times.

So in my own effort to let go this year, I would LOVE to FINALLY tell you about some of the things I’ve been dreaming up for our wedding in the Hudson Valley. (you see, part of me not sharing has been my own inability to commit to a wedding concept because of obsessive wedding idea hoarding tendencies.  See – we’re all in it together!). You know I love color SO much, but am loving the idea of keeping the palette a bit neutral and incorporating pops here and there of poppy red.  I think it feels classy, elegant, relaxed, and fun!

Things I’m loving………….


Swiss dot table clothes in grey or taupe via This is Glamorous


White flowers in amber bottles – love the astilbe via Style Me Pretty

Elegant but casual save the dates via Printable Press


White floral bouquet with red poppies via 100 Layer Cake

Dahlia Wedding Gown by Amsale – LOVE the cafe au lait color


Sweet red flowers in the hair


Wedding venue! in Hudson Valley


Would love to use something like my Wedgewood plates, but don’t think that’s gonna happen.  Let us be inspired, no less!


Twinkly cafe lights and fun times via Martha


And there you have it folks!  More to come, I’m sure……


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