Report Card Love Letter

Happy weekend, everyone! I’m so excited about Love Letters.  I’ve received some great submissions and amazing stories so far – keep them coming, please. Email me your submissions at


I’m excited to share with you this love letter report card… amazing how notes get us through the toughest of times.

“My daughter is now 7 months and an absolute delight. smiles most days ear to ear and I just cannot get enough of her. However, our first three months were SUPER difficult as she had extreme colic and I never thought it would end. There were days I was home alone with her all day and I would just sit on the couch and cry with her. My husband had to go to work every morning, but I knew he was very appreciative and sensitive to what was going on at home, and he almost always left me a handwritten note on the counter (I tease him he has little boy handwriting.) one morning he left the attached note and it made me laugh out loud. Being a teacher, he had left me a “report card” of our daughter’s night. It warmed my heart that he had the ability to see the humor in an otherwise brutal and terribly difficult situation. It was just what I needed: something to make me smile, written with love.”


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