Love Letters Challenge

So I think life has been moving so quickly lately, that I haven’t had time to fully explain or describe what motivated me to start my Stationery Shop.  Obviously, I love stationery and think it is like a beautiful and inexpensive piece of artwork that you give someone to show appreciation and or tell them how much you care.

I believe in writing letters. I love sending people cards and I love receiving them.  In an age of email and texting, stationery may seen a bit… well… old-fashioned and time consuming.  However, this is exactly what makes it so special. When you sit down to write someone a note, send them a birthday card, or thank you letter, you spend ten minutes outside of yourself thinking about that person in a real and meaningful way.  It’s kind of like in yoga when the teacher asks you to dedicate your practice to someone – focusing on that one person and your relationship with them. Almost meditative.

I have saved every letter and card I have received since I was 12.  Letters from my best friend in 7th grade. from my parents on my 17th birthday, drawings from my sisters before they could even write sentences, thank you notes for special holiday gifts from friends, letters from my fiance (who was also my boyfriend in 7th grade) from camp at age 12, cards meant to cheer me up during tough times, and celebrating graduations and milestones. I mean…. I have a couple of shoe boxes filled to the brim of moments where my loved ones gave me their undivided attention, and every now and then I pour through all of them and am reminded of just how much has happened in my life – both good and also the tough times.

Tory Williams, fellow Skidmore lady and beautiful photographer, gave me the idea of posing a challenge to all of you. It’s pretty simple – WRITE.  I challenge you to send a card or leave a note for someone once a week, until the end of the year. It can be simple like leaving your roomate a post-it with a quote that reminds you of them, or sending your grandmother a card with her favorite flower on it.  Just spend a few moments everyday thinking about someone important in your life.

Then comes the fun part. In addition to challenging you to write,  I want to hear about it! Send me photos or stories at Rachel(at)MercierBeaucoup(dot)com about your letters, photos of your favorite stationery, funny cards you’ve received, something sentimental you’ve hung on to for awhile, or just the note you left on your co-workers desk to brighten their day. I am dying to hear about it, and will be asking permission from some of you to share your stories on my blog.  So get writing, everyone!

As a little incentive to share your stories, I will be selecting my favorite story each month and that person will win a 6 Month Stationery Subscription from my shop. September is winding down so your odds are very good this month if you submit.  And that’s not it! I will send everyone who submits a story and/or photo a 20% discount code for the Stationery Shop (after all, you will need to replenish).  Nudge nudge.



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