Stationery Promotion and Birdlamp revisited

Hello friends!

So I need to apologize for being so negligent on the blog front.  I absolutely adore my blog and readers and don’t meant to slight you all for the Stationery Shop.  But let’s just say that things have been moving along with the Shop. I’ve sold a bunch of Subscriptions, a number of other cards, got a shout out yesterday from Design*Sponge, am picking up a few new lines including Fig. 2 Design, Smock, and Pie Bird Press (thanks to Kimberley from Crow + Canary), and have some exciting customizable holiday cards and gifting sets planned for this season (yikes, never thought I would be thinking about the holidays so early).

So stay tuned because I will be sharing some special promotions on the site with all of you. Speaking of which, I am offering 15% off to my blog readers through the month of September!

Enter Promo Code SEPT2011PROMO during checkout to take 15% off your entire order, including Stationery Subscriptions!

I decided that as a newly self-employed small business owner, it would be wise to make sales goals for myself.  Well, wise is perhaps not the word… maybe more like FUN! You all know how I was lusting after that crazy bird lamp from The Conran Shop last fall? Well, they now make it in a slightly more affordable, tabletop version. So.. now I must come up with a goal that would be suitable to reward myself with said lamp, if reached.  Thoughts? Suggestions???

Mini Voltaire Lamp from The Conran Shop


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