With Love and Gratitude

Today is the last day of my full-time day job. I don’t think I’ve actually shared this with anyone yet? I’ve been working around the clock between my full-time job and my blog and Stationery Shop.  It feels good to be moving forward to focus all my energies on my new venture, and also a bit sad at the same time to leave my role in community development/city planning for a bit. I know I’ll be back, so I’m busy focusing on the present because it feels oh so good right now.

This morning my office held a 9/11 memorial service.  My office is just a few blocks from the World Trade site in Lower Manhattan, and many of the people who still work here experienced the tragedy first-hand – saw the planes hit from their office windows, were in the streets when the buildings fell and found themselves covered in ashes, gasping to breath, and surrounded by tragedy.

I was in Australia when the towers were hit.  I had just moved in with my host family in Melbourne a few days prior and was jolted out of bed by my hosts informing me a plane had hit the first tower in NYC.  We all watched the tv as the second plane hit the second tower. At the time, my mom was flying regularly between Boston and LA on American Airlines and when I heard Flight 11 between Boston and LA was one of the flights to hit the towers (the same flight she took), I prayed my mom wasn’t on the flight.  I couldn’t get through to anyone from Australia, and waited an entire day before finally reaching anyone to confirm all was ok and everyone safe at home. 

Not everyone was so lucky.  And that’s all it was – luck. Whether your flight was scheduled for a different day, you were running late for work, or happened to be in the right place at the right time. An important reminder that life is precious and every day matters because there are people who are not here and don’t have the luxury of hugging a loved one, or living their daily lives.

I’m feeling a bit solemn and heavy today, but light and hopeful at the same time.  And although I haven’t listened to this song it probably 10 years, this song keeps popping up in my head ……………….

10,000 Wars by the Indigo Girls


With love and gratitude to you all


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