New Shop site and photos!!

Well hello everyone. I’ve been busy working on my Shop so apologies for taking a few days off of the blog.  Per usual, I have some exciting updates and also some exciting things planned for coming weeks/months.

Today I’m thrilled to share my new Mercier Beaucoup Stationery Shop site with you all. I was lucky enough to work with the very talented and creative Tory Williams, who shot and styled all of my product for the new site.  Talented photographer + gorgeous product = PINCH ME because my stationery dreams are coming true.

Take a looksy at the site, let me know what you think! Some images below of the gift certificates I designed this weekend, and some of Tory’s styling and photography!

PS – Let’s hear it for my 300th post! Wowzahs, time flies when your’e having fun!

Stationery Shop Gift Cards

My new homepage

Stationery Subscription bundled photos


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