Contest results and Stationery Shop updates

Happy Labor Day Friday, all! Thank you all for your entries and for so many good vibes and votes of confidence.  21 of you met all requirements to enter the contest, and were assigned numbers which were put into a hat (well, plastic bag) for random selection.  With the help of my lovely co-worker Laura, the winner selected is…………………


# 3 – Mallory Strawn!!


Congrats, Mallory and thanks to everyone else for participating.  I hope to do another giveaway near the holidays so stay tuned!

Keeping with the Stationery Shop! theme, I have some very exciting new updates on the horizon.  First off, you may have noticed that my product shots are…. well….. a little less than amazing. I mean, this stationery is so gorgeous and my photography skills DO NOT showcase just how beautiful it is.  The fabulous Tory Williams ( I are getting together next week and she will be shooting all the product! I am so grateful to work with such talent!

Second off, I’m migrating from Big Cartel to Goodsie! Goodsie is a new e-commerce platform that allows small businesses to sell stuff online and design their own shop without knowing a lick of CSS or HTML. This is like the best thing I’ve heard since Dogs of Instagram. I’ve been working tirelessly to move my product over, and as soon as I have new photos and product uploaded, I look forward to sharing with you a new Mercier Beaucoup Stationery Shop! 

Happy weekend, everyone!!


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