New nail styles for sale from Zebber!

Let a sister brag for a moment.

So…. I often post about Sarah’s amazing nail art designs. She started doing nail art as a fun little project, started blogging about it, and now all the sudden she’s a small business owner – in a hot six months. Bam! Oh, and did I mention all from her college dorm room now in the Bay Area at a mere 21 years of age?

She seriously needs an apprentice to paint nails and fill orders because she has BLOWN UP! And not just in the US. She’s got fans and customers all over the globe. I’m putting in my order way in advance for some wedding nails. To my youngest sister… you ROCK.

New designs from Zebber’s Collective available on her Etsy shop – all nails come with detailed instructions and lots of love!


The much loved Tribal/Aztec nails – Mara Hoffman-inspired


Spray-Paint/Leopard Print nails – Remember your Lisa Frank binders, ladies??


Pastel Plaid nails


Union Jacks – UK Flag nails – Spice up your life!


Lavendar/Mint Leopard print nails


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