Dreaming of Bar Harbor, ME

Be still, my heart. Ok, let me first say that one of my college besties Meliss spent her childhood and college summers on the very magical Little Cranberry Island (aka Islesford) in Bar Harbor, Maine and would beg me repeatedly to come visit her.  I mean, it’s a hike – five hours from Boston by car plus a ferry ride to the island. So finally one summer, I went. And I can honestly say that it is in my top three places that I love the most (along with Martha’s Vineyard). It is beyond magical, with gorgeous rocky coastline, pine trees, cool blue water, crisp air, delicious seafood, and the most breathtaking star view-age I have ever witnessed. 

I haven’t been able to go up the past two summers since moving to NYC, but next year it is a MUST. I came across these amazing wedding invitations by Parrot Design Studio via OhSoBeautifulPaper blog, and immediately had pangs of lacking a trip to Lil’ Cran these past two years.  This invitation is beyond gorgeous – simple with a topographic map blind debossed in the background and a simple linear map of Bar Harbor as the envelope liner. SWOOOOOOON!

Bar Harbor, ME wedding invitation by Parrot Design Studio

Photos from my past trips to Little Cranberry Island


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