Betsy Dunlap calligraphy

I am quite smitten over this invitation suite featured on Betsy Dunlap’s, calligrapher extraordinaire, blog. Where can I find vintage stamps like these? They seem to be quite the trend these days yet I’ve never been able to find them.  Anyone know??





4 thoughts on “Betsy Dunlap calligraphy

  1. I love these stamps! Just ask to see all of the stamps at the post office window. They have tons and always new collections. It actually makes doing bills fun to put a pretty lil stamp on the envelope.

  2. We bought all of ours from a stamp dealer – way cheaper than eBay, etsy, or services like The Paper Nickel Stamp Company that charge multiple dollars/envelop. It was lots of fun collecting the stamps and choosing who got what – just another way for us to add a personal touch. Any local stamp dealer should have tons of great colors and styles, but beware, finding a good looking vintage stamp for over $.10 denomination is tough!

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