Stop hoarding your greatness!

Every now and then I take a few moments to reflect on how far Mercier Beaucoup has come and to send gratitude to all my followers who fuel me on a daily basis! I started my blog back in January as a fun experiment, and six months later am amazed by all the inspiration I have gathered from other blogs, designers, and my readers. And how my blog has grown – 5,000 views/month on average! I absolutely love hearing about how readers find me, and who you are so feel free to send me a comment or drop me a line about what inspires you, and don’t forget to like Mercier Beaucoup on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!

I don’t believe I have shared this with all of you yet, but was struck a few months back by some words of wisdom shared by one of my new favorite yoga teachers in NYC (thank you to Cindy for the intro).  The teacher pointed out that many of us are afraid to share with others what we are truly great at. I believe she used the term “hoarding greatness” to best explain this phenomena. It struck me that I have experienced this fear throughout my entire life and I’m not sure what drives it. Perhaps a fear of being  judged or excluded in some fashion? A fear of getting lots of attention then disappointing if a project or idea falls flat? A fear of the kind of changes success may bring? A fear of making someone else feel bad or less valuable as a result?

I continue to churn on this topic, but in the meantime would love to hear your thoughts and to let this be a reminder to us all – if you have been hoarding your greatness, STOP IT!!!!!! Go out in the word and dare to be REALLY kickass at whatever it is you know deep down you are great at. Explore your passions with honesty and authenticity, and share your voice with a few people or the world! Chances are your friends and family already know your greatness, and are patiently waiting for your debut…….. And encourage the people around you to be great! As we all know, greatness breeds greatness.

Thank you all for following and for inspiring me to stop my hoarding tendencies!






4 thoughts on “Stop hoarding your greatness!

  1. Thanks for an amazing post, Rachel!! Just the reminder I needed. I think it’s hard for us to take risks and step out as an individual with lots to give because our childhood is all about fitting in, being like others, and not failing. With Social Success, my goal is to help children fit in while embracing their individuality. Keep up your ever inspiring posts!!


    • Thanks, Fallyn! Glad it gave you a little boost. I agree- fitting in is really exhausting and not nearly as productive or fun as embracing our whole/quirky selves! Keep up all your great work and hope to see you soon. xoxo!

  2. One of the quotes I keep posted right next to my computer is:

    “If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don’t hoard it. Don’t dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke.” – Brendan Francis

    I love your blog – especially the wedding portions. Be sure to check out my wedding blog for more fun ideas and inspiration!

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