Etsy Roundup: Shades of Molly

I was reminded yesterday that it’s been awhile since I did an Etsy Roundup post – thanks, Molly!  I can’t believe I have neglected one of my favorite past times for so long!

Ask and you shall receive – this one is for Molly and is inspired by things that remind me of her!

(P.S .Molly – I know how much you love purple but the yellow palette was calling your name!)


Check out sources for my Etsy roundup selections on my Treasury here and photos below:  


Shades of yellow and white (inspired by her wedding florals and dress)

Whimsy but classic and earthy jewelry

DIY touches like felt coasters mixed with ocean-colored glass

Vintage floral fabrics

Queen Anne’s Lace – classic, beautiful, and wild

A touch of modern


 Simple and sweet earings

Couldn’t resist throwing in the vintage handkerchiefs!

Vessels in shades of taupe and gold

Vintage jewelry – like a cameo but more 1950’s flair (famously worn by her grandmother when I met her)

Fiesta ware – clearly a favorite in the family

This represents Molly’s SF days – very Bay Area colors and graphics and goes well with neutrals


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