Vintage sour cream glasses via MSL

Siting on a plane for six hours gave me the opportunity to scan Martha Stewart Living cover to cover – one of my favorite past times. Martha had some darn good ideas this month, including collecting vintage sour cream glasses to use as drinking glasses. Per Martha’s advice, they are easily searchable on ebay and not super expensive. They work great as cocktail or juice glasses. I think my cupboards just had a mild heart attack……

From Martha Stewart Living, August 2011

Some finds from ebay by searching “sour cream glasses”


6 thoughts on “Vintage sour cream glasses via MSL

  1. I just saw this article and flipped my lid… I have a dozen or so of these bright little things, picked up from the thrift store for a dime apiece, in my kitchen and had no idea of their original provenance. So neat! How pretty they all look together, as well!

    • Agreed! They are such an affordable and unique touch to any everyday or occasional glassware collection! I bet they would look great with votives and succulents/airplants in them as a table setting too!

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