East Village Discovery: Elliot Mann

Hi everyone!  Back from Ireland and can’t wait to share with you some details about the trip.  We really had a great time tromping around the streets of Dublin and celebrating Sarah’s 21st birthday!! Totally have the travel bug and already have the wheels turning about honeymoon locales. AP and I are thinking something a bit adventurous like Africa or Southeast Asia.  Recommendations would be lovely!

One thing I’m loving are these super hot temperatures. It was a bit rainy and cold in Ireland and was already throwing me into a Vitamin-D deficient mood swing. Great to come back and find that we still have plenty of summer left! I picked up Frida from her weekend sleepover party with bestie Phoebe (btw, she is a woman of luxury – spent all weekend in the Hamptons), and decided to take the 20 minute walk home.  Poor Frida was exhausted so we were forced to stop in an air conditioned store to cool down before continuing home. And by forced, I mean I forced her….

I have never ventured in to Elliot Mann before, but spotted these fabulous boho/neon/ethnic-y bags in the window and used any excuse to go take a closer look. Ummm.. how awesome are they? Made from vintage fabrics (Asian and European), all one-of-a-kind, and totally original and modernized with the neon colors. I’m already plotting which one would look best on my shoulder. Probably all of them.

Vintage fabric bags from Elliot Mann in the East Village (9th Street between 1st and 2nd Aves.)








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