Rehoboth Beach, DE

In my furry to leave town last Friday, I accidentally left my camera on our kitchen counter.  I was kicking myself all weekend, but still managed to grab some shots off of my iPhone to give you a flavor. Obviously the most enjoyable part of the weekend was the company and hanging with friends, but here are a few of my favorite things from Rehoboth Beach!

Eating hot dogs from the snack stand on the beach

Watching the sunset from the beach

Relaxing on the porch

Carol’s amazing Fiesta ware collection!! Something to aspire to.

Making new friends and getting my hair done.

The gorgeous flowers! This is the biggest Hibiscus I have ever seen!

Lillies like candy canes

Hydrangeas in all shades

Vintage, beachy signage, awnings and colors. For me, this is a throwback to Santa Barbara in the 80’s (Miramar Hotel!)

And hanging with four pooches including Miss Frida – who, by the way, LOVED the beach


2 thoughts on “Rehoboth Beach, DE

  1. Isn’t Rehoboth cool?! I went a few times growing up…there used to be a crazy restaurant called LaLa Land and it was painted lavender. Never made it there but I still wonder about it to this day. Heck it may not even still be there–if you saw it dish please!!

  2. Love your photos and love Rehoboth Beach! My mom lived in Lewes for years, so the Delaware coast holds a soft spot in my heart. Your post made me a bit homesick. Oh, and Bridget, I have actually eaten at LaLa Land, but I have no idea if it is still there.

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