Paint chip banners

The weekend is already winding down for yours truly.  Tomorrow I’m headed to the beach for the weekend with AP, Matt, and three of my favorite sisters (not my sisters, but may as well be), and am pretty darn excited. Desipite all the sunshine and lovely weather, this little lady hasn’t managed to basque in the rays much lately so sunning is a must.

Check out this adorable paint chip banner idea from A Bit of Sunshine (speaking of sunshine). This is so clever, and looks absolutely gorgeous for any occasion.  Below are photos of a 4th of July banner and also detailed directions about how to make this yourself!

So here’s what you do:

1. Go to your local paint store and grab a bunch of your favorite paint samples for free (gotta be a little stealthy though).

2. Depending on what you would like to spell on your banner, print out all your letters in Oklahoma font (or another like-type font of your choice) at 400pt.

3. Cut each of the letters out using an exacto tool or sissors to use as a template.

4. Flip the letters over when tracing the letters on to the back of the paint chip samples.

5. Cut out the paint chips, punch two small holes at the top of each letter, and string them together on fishing wire, twine, or yarn!


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