Vote for me featuring Printerette Press and Fig. 2

Greetings fans! It’s Thursday which means we’re getting pretty darn close to the closing date for voting. I hope you aren’t all about to unsubscribe to my blog with all this self-promoting and begging for votes! I promise it will be over soon enough…. as soon as I WIN!!!!!!  Which means I still need your help. You see, I’m not sooooo concerned with winning the moolah but all this voting and excitement is really helping me to get some new followers and to promote my biz! And the moolah will mean I can create an even more robust inventory of stationery for more options for you all to choose from.  So please do vote – use all your email addresses, tell your friends and family. And I promise not to nauseate you ever again with all this politic-ing.  PINKY SWEAR!

So here’s what ya do –

1. First you got to Splashlife  here and you sign up in 10 seconds.

2. Then you go to my idea page here, and you click the vote button in another 10 seconds.

Congrats, you just helped me get one step closer to winning and I am forever grateful because you may have just launched me on a brand new career path!

Two of my favorite new stationery brands I will be carrying on my site for some stationery eye candy:  Printerette Press and Fig. 2 Designs. Love the kitchy vibe and beautiful designs mixed with a modern neon palette.

Printerette Press






Fig. 2 Design







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