Vote for me featuring Rifle Paper Co.

Thank you ALL for your help so far with the $1,000 Idea competition. It’s not over yet!  Three more days left and the competition is stiff. Every little bit of help counts so please sign up here and vote here if you haven’t done so already! It takes just two minutes! Send this post to five friends and family and make them vote. Set up an email for your dog and vote. Post on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Every vote counts, and I’m gunning to win this thing so help me! As a reminder, leave a comment after voting and I will send you a special treat via snail mail. Ooooo la la!

I promise that after Friday, we will be back to our regularly scheduled blog. This week is almost exclusively about stationery! Rifle Paper Co. is another brand I will be selling on my site. Anna and Nathan Bond are based in Florida, and are famous for their illustrative and folk-inspired cards and stationery sets. I have picked out some gorgeous designs from their wholesale catalog to sell on the Mercier Beaucoup Stationery Shop.  This is just a small preview of what’s to come on the shop!


Rifle Paper Co.









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