Vote for me featuring Egg Press

Happy Tuesday!  Five days of voting left to help me win $1,000 to start my e-commerce site. Thanks so much for all the support thus far. To encourage each of you to vote for me, and to get others to vote for me I’m going to be sharing some of the styles and brands I am carrying on my e-commerce stationery site.  Today I’m featuring Egg Press. One of my most favorite letterpress brand of cards, based out of Portland, Oregon. Below are selections I will be carrying on my site.

I am 10 votes behind today so sign up at Splashlife here, then submit your vote for my shop here so I am presented with a micro-grant at Sunday’s DIY Business Association Conference!! Thanks to all for your help!









2 thoughts on “Vote for me featuring Egg Press

  1. YES! You have to win because I need a place to buy beautiful letterpress works of art for my friends and family, with an amazing idea for a stationary membership program (that I can already think of like 10 people I’d like to give that to for a gift), all the while supporting fledgeling artists like the ones you’ve discovered!!!

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