Vote for me!

Hi everyone! Just catching my breath after a super fun 30th birthday fete for AP and our friend Charles. Thanks to everyone for celebrating, and for bringing good vibes. I’m excited to share all the crafty-ness Cindy and I partook in to give the event a little sumptin sumptin, but must hit the hay for a big day down to DC tomorrow.

I must, however, shamelessly ask all my favorite readers to help me out. I am attending this awesome DIY Business Conference on Sunday in Brooklyn, and have entered a Best Ideas contest. You know I’ve been chatting up my Stationery Shop that will live on my blog, so I decided to submit my business idea for the chance of winning $1,000 to get the shop up and running. I have a few other business ideas I’m currently working on, but this one could be up and running for a cool G in the next month. SO….. PLEASE PLEASE visit the Splashlife site here and vote for my stationery shop concept! Mention that you voted in the comments section, and I will send you a special stationery treat for your help!

Thanks for your help, friends and lots of fun posts coming your way soon.

* NOTE that you do have to register for Splashlife before you can submit any kind of vote – I promise it’s a really quick and painless process and Splashlife happens to be an awesome concept so check it out and help a sister out!


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