A Poppy of color!

So what do you all think of Mercier Beaucoup’s font tweek-age? I upgraded my WordPress site which allowed me to change the fonts around. It is feeling way more Mercier Beaucoup. although I know some of you are used to the other fonts. Change is tough…….

I’m heavy on the florals lately. A. Because I LOVE florals, B. I’m getting in the mood for some floral freelance work this summer, AND  C. I’m thinking about my own wedding plans!

100LayerCake has become one of my favorite wedding blogs. They honor the vintage feel but in a fresh and modern way which is MUCH appreciated in a world of mason jars and shabby-chic. Poppies are perhaps one of the most underrated and underappreciated flowers. They have a delicate paper mache like quality, come in poppy (pun intended) hues, and bring a delicate yet modern structure to any arrangement. I’m digging the neutral/white mix of sweet peas, ranunculus and poppies with a POP of red/orange poppy.  LOVE!

via 100LayerCake


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