From Brooklyn to Hudson Valley

Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend! It’s been nice to have a bit of a break from the heat wave that swept NYC last week. I, for one, am grateful to have my energy back after being  totally zapped by the heat last week.

I had a lovely weekend – thanks for asking! I caught up on some much-needed rest (slept 13 hours in one night!), enjoyed some beverages at Habana Outpost in Fort Greene, and dined at No. 7 with some of my favorite ladies Friday night, took in some Brooklyn wedding venues from Gowanus to Williamsburg, and spent all day on Saturday up in Hudson Valley scouting venues. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind but a really fun process to go through with my main squeezy, and I think we are allllmost there!  So here’s a rundown of our most recent wedding adventures.

First off, we headed out to Brooklyn Friday evening to check out The Green Building.  The Green Building is a restored brass factory in Gowanus that is now being used for weddings, concerts, special events, and photo shoots.  The owners have done an amazing job restoring this building, and the details and finishes are gorgeous. Some of the pluses include a roll up gate on the street-side of the building. AP and I were thinking that it would be fun to have food trucks instead of your typical station or sit-down food service as a fun food option, utilizing this access to the street. Another major pluses are that you can bring in any catering you like, there is a back patio that can be set up for events, no time limit for the party to end, and the staff was super friendly and helpful. The downside was that it was too small for us. We were afraid it would feel like a bunch of ants trapped in a maze.

The main event space


The exterior – literally, Green Building

We then hopped on the G train and headed to Williamsburg (after I took us the wrong direction… twice), to check out the Brooklyn Winery. The Brooklyn Winery opened last fall and is a winery, wine bar, wine classroom, and a great place for events. Co-owner, Brian Leventhal gave us some background on the winery as well as options for weddings. We really loved the space, and it would definitely be a great space for our wedding but not without everyone in different rooms. Also, there wasn’t a space large enough for the ceremony AND for all our guests to dance which is VERY important. The place is gorgeous though, and they have a great in-house food catering and set-up package that makes planning a wedding there super easy and classy.

Forgot my camera, so here are photos from the Brooklyn Winery’s site

The next morning, we were up at 7AM and en route to Hudson Valley. Lemme tell you that driving out of NYC early on a Saturday morning is heavenly compared to trying to leave town with five million other New Yorkers on a Friday afternoon.  After two stops for coffee, we made it to The Hill in Hudson, New York. The Hill is owned by Betsy and Al who commute between Manhattan and Hudson. I understand why this is the perfect weekend getaway for them – it’s beyond gorgeous. A private estate once owned by the Livingston family, with surrounding horse farms, a private pond, and beautifully restored working barn. We spent a few hours with Betsy and Al and they were so generous to show us their property and even chat with us about their recent trip to India! Pluses are that the barn has a natural dance floor with tons of space for everyone, gorgeous outside space for ceremony and cocktail hour, and obviously…. Betsy and Al.  Cons – we have to coordinate and do everything ourselves. Or perhaps that’s a pro? Lucky for us, we have an arsenal of talented friends and family.

A smaller barn called “The Art Barn” – wish I took photo inside! It’s amazing

The larger barn

Gorgeous open spaces

Horses – and thoroughbreds at that!

After bidding a sad farewell to Betsy and Al, we headed to the Circa 1799 Barn and met up with Paul and his dog Bean. Again, a gorgeous barn – this time Dutch and transplanted from the Albany area to Paul’s Hudson Valley property. Paul said it was a midlife crisis… we and kind of agreed with him. Him and his family spend part-time in Manhattan and most weekends at their home and only do roughly 4-5 weddings a year. The barn is beautifully restored and sitting in the middle of corn fields with the mountains in the background.  Almost eerie in that Children of the Corn kind of way, but beautiful scenery if you don’t let your imagination wander to dark places.  The barn was a bit too small so we sadly bid Paul and Bean adieu and continued on. However, not without sneaking a peek inside Paul’s home where I incidentally fell in LOVE with his living room rug.

Circa 1799 barn and Bean

Interior of the barn

Paul’s living room rug.  Apparently it’s from ABC!

Finally, we headed to Oak Hill back on the outskirts of Hudson proper. This was our least favorite venue, with little personal touch or character. Clearly more of a wedding factory, but none-the-less gorgeous views on an old Livingston estate with a newly built barn. Doesn’t hold a candle to Betsy and Al’s!

Interior of the barn – not sure down with the beams in the middle of the dance floor

Livingston mansion

Another gorgeous rug inside the barn!

And then back home again after a long day of hunting! We were all passed out by 10:30, but was a fun adventure for us city folk to head up to the country.


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