DIY friendship bracelet therapy

Hey Mercier Beaucoup-ers. Anyone else super jazzed for the final episode of Real Housewives of NYC in Morocco tonight? Guilty pleasure numero uno – can’t get enough of that crap-ola. Especially when I feel fried on Thursday nights from the week and need to watch Ramona blow a gasket to relax.

So lots going on in my world lately. Lots of great things. Busy with work, working on a few business plans and possible projects of my own, planning a 30th birthday for AP, wedding venue hunting, tending to the fur child (shout out Tanya), all the meanwhile trying to keep a healthy diet, sleep, get plenty of QT with friends and family, and exercise. So naturally with all this planning, it’s perfectly logical to drop everything to craft. I find it helps me focus and gives me something tactile and soothing…….

I was inspired by Honestly… WTF’s post on DIY Friendship Bracelets a few days ago, scooted on over to my favorite craft store, purchased some festive colors, and got to work. They recommend a chevron pattern and I failed at this. Any suggestions? I skipped the el chevron and went for a straight up diagonal with fun colors instead. I want to learn fun new patterns so please share if you know some! Send me photos and directions and I’ll post them on Mercier Beaucoup!

My first friendship bracelet as an “adult”


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