Red Hook(ed)

Har har har. Had to make that joke.

So AP and I have started our quest for wedding venues. We have two minds about the wedding – we’re thinking either a camp-y, rustic wedding in the country or a New York City wedding in some kind of industrial/loft space. So naturally, a spreadsheet has been compiled and we are making contacts at wedding venues and starting to schedule times to see spaces.

A last minute opening came up this past Friday afternoon at the Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook (thanks to Meliss for the tip on the venue), so we both took off from work a bit early to go check out the space.

It is a relatively new venue that is still under partial renovation.  Pros: Gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty, raw space that allows for free rein decor-wise,  packages include open bar, full dinner, china, linens, tables and chairs, setup, service, and great indoor/outdoor options. Cons: expensive and not quite sure why?, it’s the old Real World house (maybe a pro for some), it’s not super easy to get to or find, the finishes are a bit generic and doesn’t have quite the authentic feel one might expect.

Needless to say, Liberty is no longer on our list. Although we didn’t love the venue, we did decide to make an afternoon/early evening out of our trip to Brooklyn. The weather was so gorgeous that we meandered along Pier 41 in Red Hook, admiring the sun, sea breeze, and foxgloves!

We then stumbled into Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies and split a key lime tartlette.  Ummm…. best. key lime. pie. ever. Go NOW!

With IKEA staring at us in the horizon, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to shop during non-peak hours for frames for a new painting and our vintage state-hankies. We had been talking about hanging all these things for a few months and finally IKEA, like an oasis, was in our midst. So we meandered past Red Hook faves Saipua and Baked to IKEA where we breezed in and out with all our goods.

We emerged only 30 minutes later, and hopped on to the IKEA water taxi for free (with $5.00 purchase) and rode off into the sunset all the way back to the Seaport in Lower Manhattan. This is quite possibly the best bang for your buck in all of NYC. The sun was starting to set as we enjoyed 20 minutes of breezy, Manhattan and Brooklyn views (sans traffic). Heaven!

And what  could be better then coming home to these two pups – Frida and our friend Molly and Derek’s adorable Phoebe!  We aren’t giving her back!


One thought on “Red Hook(ed)

  1. Now that i’m all up to speed on my Mercier Beaucoup, two things:
    1) Amazing ring! (love the photo and was even more amazing in person)
    2) Gabe took me to Steve’s key lime pies for my birthday in February and by the time we got there, they had run out of pies. Huge birthday bummer. We still need to go back!

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