Press on candy cake

Soooo let’s just say that in addition to FINALLY uploading pics from our trip to Spain last night, I also poured over the Summer Edition of Martha Weddings cover to cover.  My good friends will tell you that I like to do a quick scan then I will scour every single page taking in every detail. Is it a little crazy? Yup! Do I have three years worth of Martha Weddings on my shelves?  Yup!

You get the point.

One of my favorite items from the DIY Summer Edition is this gorgeous candy cake. Martha says it’s simple as adding chocolate candies to a perfectly iced cake. Not too sure Martha and I share the same definition of “simple” but it’s worth testing on something smaller and I DO LOVE the way it looks.

via Martha Stewart Weddings


3 thoughts on “Press on candy cake

  1. Eeeeeek! This is FAN-tastic. I saw the summer issue the other day and didn’t have time to pick it up but now I want it even more. Definitely sharing the love for this cake. 🙂

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