Net-A-Porter semi-annual sale

Does anyone else get weak in the knees when they get that email twice a year from Net-A-Porter announcing their semi-annual sale? I do! Obviously. 

I’m currently obsessed with this silk dress in the most gorgeous shade of olive, with the perfect amount of ruching and ruffles from Thread Social. Perfect for a summer black tie or cocktail wedding. NOT in the budget, however…..

Silk dress by Thread Social via Net-A-Porter




Letterbox Love by Holly Webber

Holly Webber is a talented Aussie graphic designer and pattern specialist.  I fell in love with her line of illustrated postcards called “Letterbox Love” after spotting them on Eat Drink Chic. I love her whimsical storytelling style, and the concept of sending a note via postcard stationery.

Check out some of her designs below and her entire collection and website here.






Mr. Boddington’s Studio

So I took a mini-break from posting about stationery, but we all knew it wouldn’t last long. Mr. Boddington’s Studio is one of my all-time favorite stationery design companies, and the lovely people that work there are just as wonderful as their stationery. They were kind enough to send me over a number of images to share with you on Mercier Beaucoup. Naturally, I will be carrying Mr. Boddington’s on my e-commerce site. You all didn’t think a silly contest would rain on my parade, did you?!

Mr. Boddington’s Studio

$15 of mums and carnations

A huge thanks to everyone for your votes for the micro-grant opportunity through Splashlife.  Sadly I was not the winner, but I DID receive over 220 votes and even more informal votes of confidence which blows my mind! I did have an absolute blast attending the DIY Business Conference today at DUMBO Lofts in Brooklyn and got all kinds of inspired and met some great new people. Looking forward to forging new partnerships and future collaborations.

As a nice little break from stationery, I’m bringing you a little ditty I whipped up this weekend. You know how I love flowers, so I will be posting a weekly feature that shows just what one can do with $15 worth of flowers. I’ve dabbled in the past with this idea and it was such a hit that I’m making it a regular thing. Oh, and it gives me an excuse to have gorgeous flowers around our apartment on the regular.

Yesterday I picked up some mums and carnations from our local bodega. Now, typically these are some of the cheapest flowers on the market and scoffed at by florists.  I personally think mums and carnations can be quite beautiful – especially in these blushy, dusty purples and pinks with pops of red.

Mums and carnations – oh my!

How great are these purple mums and green/pink carnations?!

Pick out whatever vases and containers you got laying around and experiment

Like a $3 candle holder from Crate and Barrel

Or a Moroccan tea glass (thanks, Leah!)

Check out how much $15 can get you……

With an entire vase of leftovers!

Sweetening the deal if you vote….

Ok friends,

Time to sweeten the deal. Voting ends today at noon and I’m about to make things more interesting.  Vote for me, send this link to five others, and if I win you will receive a free three month subscription to the Mercier Beaucoup Stationery Shop.  That’s nine gorgeous cards of your choice (a $38 value!!). Here’s how you make it happen.

1. Register for Splashlife here

2. Vote for my concept here

3. Forward this blog post to five of your friends

4. Send me an email at notifying me that you voted and with the names of the five friends you asked to vote.

And if I win, nine gorgeous cards for you!

Last day to VOTE!!

Hey guys. Today’s the day, and it’s neck and neck. Voting ends at midnight tonight, so please help a sister out and get your vote on. It takes all of 20 seconds, is totally painless, and will help send me on my way to greener pastures – and help support a bunch of talented artists and their small businesses. What could be better than that?!

All you gotta do is sign up for Splash life here (10 seconds)

And vote for my business idea by clicking VOTE here (another 10 seconds)



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