Strawberry Festival

Greetings! ‘Tis almost the weekend already, and we are headed to Saratoga Springs to watch my sister graduate from Skidmore on Friday. Wooo hooo, Kels!

It’s also the peak of strawberry season, and in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, California there is an annual strawberry festival around this time each year. Believe you me, you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted a fresh strawberry during strawberry season.

I’ve been dusting off my graphic design skills and decided it’s time for me to graduate to real inspiration boards for a better viewing of my inspiration/mood boards. Strawberry festival is my very first – what do you think?!

*1* Strawberry watercolor painting from lucileskitchen on Etsy  *2* Strawberry pin cushion from SeaPinks on Etsy  *3* George Sand strawberry pattern by Raynaud fine china  *4* Strawberry stationery via OneCharmingParty  *5* Silly Little Strawberries from Zebber nail art (and my lil’ sis)  *6*Strawberry Mojito via Delicious Delicacies


One thought on “Strawberry Festival

  1. For those who are not from the Central Coast – Please know that Merci Beaucoup is right on the money regarding our strawberries……. Delicious, large, juicy and yummy….. LOVE them…..

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