Cork Garlands now for sale on Etsy

Hi all,

I had a great weekend in Boston and have been super busy since returning, so apologies for taking a few days off!  I’ve received lots of positive feedback about my cork garland project, and now they are available on my newly opened Etsy shop here! They are perfect for parties, holiday flair, or as wall and mantle decor.  I am also accepting orders for custom colors so please contact me via my Etsy shop to learn more!  I am happy to match invitations or wall colors. 

Par example, if I were throwing a baby shower, I would match this cork garland with one of the below invitations from Rifle Paper Co.:

Cork garland via MercierBeaucoup Etsy shop


Invitations via Rifle Paper Co.


One thought on “Cork Garlands now for sale on Etsy

  1. LOVE that idea….my husband was hounding me about the piles of corks that are accumulating (prob his fault for drinking too much wine….) and this is great! Maybe for a wine and cheese night, don’t know about the baby shower 😉

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