Skillshare = awesome

I had the pleasure of attending my first Skillshare class last night, after being introduced to the company by early adopter-ista Cindy Laning, on computer programming for non-computer programmers. I’m slowly but surely learning the ropes of the start-up world, and co-founder Malcolm Ong gave us a great  introduction to the basics of HTML, CSS, and the world of API’s for a mere $12 course fee. What was most impressive, however, was the diversity of attendees at this course (I think I expected everyone to be from the start-up/tech world), and the opportunity to learn from others. I met a woman who works for IBM as a strategist but does wedding coordination on the side, par example.

Skillshare went live only two weeks ago, and the room at Dogpatch Labs (also awesome) was packed! Skillshare not only offers courses in technology, but other amazing topics like chocolate making, public speaking, how to tell and sell your story, and a handful of other interesting topics that are quickly becoming more diverse and robust. FINALLY, an opportunity to learn in community-oriented environment at a reasonable price. I’m hooked.


One thought on “Skillshare = awesome

  1. Glad you enjoyed your first Skillshare class! Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to make the learning experience for you at Skillshare. And we’d love for you to teach your first class as well!

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