A lovely weekend for …

GETTING ENGAGED!  That’s right – AP proposed on Friday evening in Central Park, and we are both ELATED to be making it official!  More stories and details to come soon once I come back down to earth……. 



Peach, aquamarine, and eucalyptus Etsy roundup

My latest Etsy collection with some of my favorite soothing colors. These warm and dusty hues make me think of summer.

Aquamarine and rose gold ring by onegarnetgirl – $570

City lamp from Umbu – $188

Small paper mache bowl from upintheairsomewhere – $28

I tent camping vitage sign from jandersonart – $28

Three small airplants from tohold – $13.95

Bee stud earings from Clementinesjewelry – $10

Pair of green speckled enamel bowls from Sharingbliss

Peach glass and gold earings by DanaCastle – $22

Landscape painting by ShirlyKanyon – $100

Paper flower corsage by housethatlarsbuilt – $10

Dots linen tea towel by leahduncan – $26

Make it colorful

I love color and this post makes me very happy. Happy Wednesday!

Castle and Things felt artwork

Pixel petit fours via OnceWed

Terrin by Stig Lindinberg via Krokus

DIY flowers via Scrapbooks, etc.

Ruffle wool pillows by ThatFunkyBoutique on Etsy

Colorful party via OhHappyDay

Colorful packaging with yarn via OhHappyDay

Retro coasters from ArtisEverything on Etsy

Colorful necklace at Anthropologie

French color poster via Stella and Henry

Tote bag from Wedding Chicks

Chocolate caramel marshmellow pops from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Save-the-dates by Antiquaria

Since I’m on the save-the-date hanky kick, I can’t resist posting about this gorgeous idea from one of my favorite new shops, Antiquaria.  Check out  the step-by-step guide below for stamping hankies and envelopes, as well as browse the selection of stamps on Antiquaria’s site here. Gorgeous and so accessible. 

Step one: Stamping the handkerchief

Step two: Matching the stamp, handkerchief, and accommodations card

Step three: Inserting the card into the handkerchief, and tying with ribbon

Step four: Stamping the return address on the envelope

Step five: Addressed, sealed, stamped, and off it goes!

Saratoga on my mind

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the posting drought – AP and I returned from our third weekend in a row of being away and I am like beyond exhausted… in such a good way.

This past weekend we were at my sister Kelsey’s college graduation from Skidmore in Saratoga Springs and had an amazingly fun time. Saratoga has such a lovely back-in-time look and feel, with vintage spa city appeal mixed with a casual and laid back outdoorsy vibe.  Tons of yummy eateries, places to grab a drink (things get warmed up around midnight), catch some jazzy tunes, and lots of gorgeous scenery. Below are some highlights and some of my instagram photos from the trip!

On Friday night, we grabbed a yummy meal with my family at The Beekman Street Bistro. The college grad and the littlest sis posing for the iPhone at Beekman below:

After filling ourselves with rabbit, quail, and raviolis, we retired to our Victorian accommodations at the out-of-this-world, Adelphi Hotel. They are only open during the warmer months, but this place is a MUST for anyone looking to take a trip to Spa City.

They are KNOWN for their delicious desserts which they serve on their back patio in the evenings, as well as very similar versions at their breakfast each morning (like pumpkin bread with a cream cheese swirl). Ummm… and gorgeous silver and china (you know I can’t resist).

On Saturday, we headed to SPAC to watch my sister cross the stage and accept her diploma! So proud, the weather was gorgeous, and we got some killer family photos! We then headed to Kelsey’s house for a BBQ with her roommates, friends and their families by way of Putnam Market for a quick but totally worthwhile sandwich.  I guess we didn’t get the memo that BBQ = lots of food?!  The BBQ was divine, ticks plentiful, Keystone flowing, and I got a tutorial on how to use my iPhone as a panflute.

We retired back to the Adelphi to enjoy some cocktails in the Adirondack chairs under the twinkly lights on their patio.

Somehow I was able to convince my mom and AP to head down to Caroline Street around midnight for the full college experience. We got doughboys at Esperanto’s… twice, had drinks and listened to jazz at 9 Maple, ventured to DA’s for a Bud Light (Guinness for Candy) and elbow rubbing with the new grads, and topped things off with a tour through an always-crammed Gaffney’s – finally heading home around 2AM totally giddy and exhausted and full of cream cheesy/doughy goodness.

The next morning we popped out of bed, met up with Alicia and Ryan at Congress Park (where I almost jumped ship to help a group of locals identify street trees……..I don’t know what to say), grabbed yet another sandwich from Putnam, bid my family and the Adelphi a sad farewell, and headed south on 87 all the way home to New York City.

And now we are exhausted and wishing we had an entire week up in the “Capital Region” to hike around the Adirondacks, sit by a quiet lake, have bagels and coffee from Uncommon Grounds, take a closer look at the racetrack, partake in some BBQ at PJ’s, Italian subs from Roma’s, chocolate chip pancakes at Country Corner or Beverly’s…… the list goes on.

Congrats to my older little sis (that’s what I’ve always referred to as since she’s so wise). You are making the world a better place everyday by being in it and being you. So happy to celebrate such a special weekend with you, our family, and all your friends in this very special place. Xoxo

Strawberry Festival

Greetings! ‘Tis almost the weekend already, and we are headed to Saratoga Springs to watch my sister graduate from Skidmore on Friday. Wooo hooo, Kels!

It’s also the peak of strawberry season, and in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, California there is an annual strawberry festival around this time each year. Believe you me, you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted a fresh strawberry during strawberry season.

I’ve been dusting off my graphic design skills and decided it’s time for me to graduate to real inspiration boards for a better viewing of my inspiration/mood boards. Strawberry festival is my very first – what do you think?!

*1* Strawberry watercolor painting from lucileskitchen on Etsy  *2* Strawberry pin cushion from SeaPinks on Etsy  *3* George Sand strawberry pattern by Raynaud fine china  *4* Strawberry stationery via OneCharmingParty  *5* Silly Little Strawberries from Zebber nail art (and my lil’ sis)  *6*Strawberry Mojito via Delicious Delicacies