Royal Wedding Swag

Oh Cate and Wills – soon you will be wed. You were thinking destination wedding?! You know… some sort of casual affair with just a handful of close friends and family? Not gonna happen! You get to celebrate with hundreds of your closest friends and be under the scrutiny of millions of viewers. Sounds like a blast! No pressure or anything……..

I for one am pretty excited that this grand wedding extravaganza will be televised live. I will be up before sunrise, coffee in hand, hanging on to Katie Couric’s every word. AP’s bro is staying on our couch this week so I will be moving him into the bedroom with AP so that I can claim couch real estate for 5AM.  Pass the scones!

I may also purchase some commemorative Royal Wedding paraphernalia.  Check out these adorable pieces from London design shop, “The House that Lars Built” and their Etsy shop here.

Processional Map of Royal Wedding – letterpress and giclee print 11×17 for $65

Commemorative tote bag – $22.50

Commemorative dinner plate – $32.50

Commemorative mug – $12.75


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