Morning Cup of Mud Truck


As I’ve mentioned, lots of new stuff coming your way on MercierBeaucoup. It has been such a fun experiment – pouring all the things I love into one forum. I am completely energized to carry-on so stay tuned for some great new features. 

Have I mentioned that I’m in love with my neighborhood? You probably caught on that I am pretty swoony over the East Village. And now that spring has officially arrived, it has become the very best version of itself. Love Tompkins, love people watching, love all the tiny restaurants, love the small retailers, and LOVE all the great coffee shops. You would be hard-pressed to find ANY chains in my neighborhood which continues to amaze me, and which is what I might love most about the hood.

Naturally, I’ve sampled MANY of the great coffee shops in the neighborhood and will be blogging about each of them in a little feature I like to call, “Morning Cup of .”  So although this isn’t a full post, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite cups of coffee to kick off the feature right.

Since moving to the East Village in January, I have been passing the MUD Truck on my morning commute to Astor Place. Every morning for the first few months, I found myself staring at the long line and wondering,  “What Up with this truck?! How good can it possibly be?! And who are these crazy people waiting in this crazy line?!” Now… I try to keep my coffee intake to a minimum so although its magnetic orange forcefield tried to draw me in repeatedly, I initially resisted.

One dreary winter morning, eyes all a-glaze and after nearly getting trampled to death by the morning stampede of commuters who obviously already had their coffee, I did a double-take at the line – only ONE PERSON and MAN do I need some coffee. I slid into the line, rain starting to pour down, and quickly ordered up a small Mud Mocha with two sugars and milk. One sip and I’m hooked.  The perfect blend of coffee and mocha, with enough caffeine to put some pep in my step but not give me heart palpitations. All this for less than the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and the line is actually really fast! Ummm… and that last bit of extra mocha at the bottom of the cup always puts me a great mood.

So now I’m an addict, and hopefully will turn you into one too. They are totally worth all the hype, and you can even hire the truck for private events. Check out their site for more information on their storfront and truck locations, and to learn more about the company.

Stay tuned for more “Morning Cup of “ soon!

Photo taken this morning by yours truly using Instagram


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